• Joanne Hadwin

HUMAN Resources in a pandemic

In this new Lockdown world we need to be more mindful than ever that we are all different, with individual:

Health considerations,

Financial needs,

Fears and anxieties

Our attitudes and responses will undoubtedly be shaped by all of these.

In a work context, individual responses will be influenced by how an employer treats their employees during Lockdown ............... and beyond.

Employees will hold the memories of this crisis from some time to come.

Balancing the interests and concerns of

- Furloughed and working employees,

- Those who are eager to return to work, with those who are anxious about leaving home

will not be easy, but must be a priority.

They have all played their part in helping their organisations survive during these difficult times.

Those organisations who treat employees fairly and consistently, while ensuring their individual concerns are acknowledged and respected, will have more engaged workforce when the doors re-open.

HR can add real value in this area - advising, guiding,, leading by example and providing a critical voice when needed.

I can't remember a more demanding / worthwhile time to work in HUMAN Resources!


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